Josh Weaver


Josh Weaver is...not sure why he would write in the 3rd person but he's going to go with it.  (You know really get in there and, "Yes, and.." it.)

Josh is from a relatively small town in Michigan close enough to Detroit if you ask him where he's from he'll say Detroit...because it's easier.

After the University of Detroit Jesuit he went to Western Michigan University and studied Public Relations and Political Science because wanted to be a lobbyist.  Fun Fact*: "Thank You For Smoking" came out the day he declared a major. 

After completing college in a record** 4 years and ready for a new adventure he moved to Las Vegas and joined the team. 

That.  Was.  Wild.

After a few years living a little to close to the strip*** he started to look for a new adventure and found one where old money reigns......which just so happened to be a little further down Las Vegas Blvd.  

Joining the Zappos Family of Companies, Josh started as the Social Media Community Manager at (the best kept secret online).  After some time building wild marketing campaigns and "Yes, and-ing" everything with he was transferred to where he focused on Twitter, Snapchat, emerging platforms and experiential marketing.  

Highlights include:  6 city bus tour with DJ Khaled - Artist Liaison at Crapshoot Comedy Festival - Dinners with Twitter, Polyvore, Facebook, and sometimes Snapchat - Amazon Subsidiary Social Marketing Summit - shaving his head for charity multiple times - covering the Life is Beautiful festival for Snapchat - being a trending topic regularly on Twitter - being asked to keynote - so much more. 

A side benefit of working with some of the FUNnest people on the planet was getting to meet other cool people.  Some of those cool people he would end up interviewing on his podcast, Noodlin' with Josh**** during his 7 month sabbatical!

After the Las Vegas chapter came to a close in the most Las Vegas way possible, a chance encounter at a bar, Josh headed back east and began to work with an incredible group of web-cartoonists: the Awkward Yeti, Sarah Scribbles, Fowl Language and Shen Comix/BlueChair*****.

However, the nightmares of sushi restaurants closing before 9pm got too bad and he needed to again move to a big city, which is where we find him today!

Josh is now found at the Designory/eg+ WorldWide as the Strategist for the Intel account and he can also be found at:

(How'd I do?!)


* He swears it's not related.

**For him.

***Dean Martin Drive

****Now on Spotify

*****Who would have thunk cartoonists need social and experiential marketing help too!