Caitlin burt


Caitlin loves to be working on content and using the powers of physical expression to get people excited about what's new and cool. Well versed in commercial work and spokesperson-ing, she is paid to convince people to buy stuff all the time. 

When given the opportunity to use these powers for more artful means, she can be found making:

Comedic sketches on Youtube/Twitch

Rhyming poetry

Sandwiches. (Not picky. Just hungry.)

Work experience includes: social media manager, v-logger, recent lead of a feature length indie film (a romcom), has been paid to juggle all day. 

Personal Quote: "I feel a need to tell people about stuff I think they'll like. It might change their world, so they've gotta know about it. I love to make creators' dreams come true by telling the audience they are after how cool they are. It's promo disease and it's in my blood."

Executive profile: Western Michigan University - Film/Video Media Studies.  

Doc Holiday educated. 

Favorite animal: jellyfish.