Trip Hazard Studios

A product of proprietary “Yes, and..."™ technology gone awry.  

Trip Hazard Studio is comprised of three enterprises: 

@Caiburs, Noodlin’ with Josh, and Trip Hazard Studios Consulting.

About Us

Caitlin Burt


Bio: Went to school for film. Spokesperson by trade. In some of the commercials you see some of the time. 


Superpowers: a look that just...*shivers, smiles wryly*, you'll know it when you see it.

Weaknesses: none observable to the human eye

Josh Weaver


Bio: A right-brained lothario-turned-storyteller whose addiction to film infiltrates EVERYTHING. 

Superpowers: ability to weave an entertaining story out of any situation.

Weaknesses: that one ex who just destroyed him



Friends since Nov 1st, 2006.

Partners since Nov 2nd, 2006.

Trip Hazard is a writing/directing-duo who "Yes, and" each other like crazy.

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